My role in the creative process can be as involved or as detached as you want.


Are you ready?

Don't waste money on studio time if your songs aren't ready for us to hit the record button. Send me a demo from rehearsal and I'll let you know what's needed. Your songs are only as good as their arrangement - you will regret not making the recordings as good as they could have been.


Getting it down

If you simply want a well recorded set of tracks for editing and mixing later, I have some great gear and mics with the know-how to use them!

Location Services available!


Putting it together

I actually love this bit. Most guys and gals hate it because getting it right takes time. To do it right you have to be super thorough while making sure you don’t suck the life out of the performance. A good edit will transform your song.

Vocal editing and tuning are a specialty of mine.


How it was always meant to sound

The fun bit. I’ll do my best to understand your vibe and interpret that into a well balanced, exciting mix to suite your genre.


I actually don't do this

I just use Pete Maher. He’s world class. Check him out.....Mastering gets your finished mix ready for playback across different mediums and platforms. Crudely put - it normalises the audio level through the use of equalisation, compression and limiting. A specialist skill in my opinion.


Capturing the Real Deal

Live recording solutions from digital to analogue splits are available.

I'll work closely with your live engineers and make sure the recorded audio from your event is captured pristinely and securely.


Taking it to the outside

As well as studio work I have extensive experience in Live Events.

Whether you need a FOH Engineer, Monitoring Engineer or Event Production Manager - Give me a shout. 


Bish Bash Bosh

I've played drums since I was 5 and have loads of live and studio experience.

I can record multi-track drum parts for your songs and send them to you very easily. These can be edited and mixed to your liking - or simply left for you to do your work.


To me, to you...

Send me your Demos, Multi Tracks, Videos or Mixes

07389 070368

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