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Bass and not so much bass....

Good week here at PWP. First half of the week was spent in the studio with my friend Si Fawcett. Si is the bassist and sole song writer for Kent based band, 3 dBs Down.

3dBs have been local legends for nearly 2 decades now. We first met them at a Beer Festival for one of the Queens Birthday celebrations many years back. Matt O was bald back then. Thats how long ago it was. Ever since then we've been friends and have played many gigs with them.

At the end of last year, the guys approached me to record their new album. I was and am, very excited about this project. I figure I must be doing something right for these guys to ask.

Si is a one of life's multi-talented, song writing persons that you would normally say "makes you sick'. But he doesn't. He is so down to earth and humble (clearly unaware of his bursting talent). This lack of ego makes room for him to write music that is clever, exciting and melodic. All of his songs are great. I look forward to, one day, paying him to write songs for clients.

Tracking the bass was easy. We dialled in tones from a clean DI, FX DI and a cab mic - then set to work. We basically did 3/4 takes of each track, compiled our favourite bits and then did a bit of timing. DONE!



The second half of the week has been spent in Telford for Rock-Tech Projects. Their client, RCCG, has been holding their annual leadership conference and Rock Tech have been providing full production across 3 venues. The team are excellent and the gear is top notch. It makes for a really enjoyable job (which helps when your having to leave your family for 4 days at a time).

Unfortunately the choice venue is super close to three hotels and the 36 18" bass drivers we have on site have been progressively turned down over the last 72 hours. If only the venue understood the implications of saying 'Yes' to a live music event for 10,000 people. Very frustrating!!!

I have been looking after the "Excellent Men" which seats about 1000 peeps. My rig is 6x Hill M10 and 2x Hill MS218 per side with M1s for monitors. All controlled from FOH with an SQ6. It's a sweet sounding rig and for the half hour I got to use it, it was great. Thanks to my younger brother Marc for having me.


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